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Please note that my Reiki practice is generally a hands-on healing practice. While there is a protocol of hand positions, I also work intuitively as to where to place my hands and which hands positions to use. My hands will rest lightly on your body and there is no manipulation of your body apart from intimate areas such as the chest for women and the upper pelvis area for all genders.  If, at any time, you are uncomfortable, I can switch positions, or use the floating hands method.

There is no difference in the benefit experienced by the placement of my hands on your body versus floating my hands over your body. Should you desire to alternate positions during the treatment, please feel free to ask me to do so.

Special requests or comments for hands-on or floating are welcome and encouraged.

What happens during a Reiki treatment?

During a Reiki treatment, you will lay fully clothed on a massage table, covered in a blanket if you choose, listening to soothing music. I will lay my hands on your bod  in a series of hand positions to deliver Reiki energy. If the reclined position is uncomfortable, Reiki can be performed while you sit in a chair or on a stool.

What does Reiki feel like?

Reiki tends to feel warm and profoundly relaxing. You may feel my hands become  hot or tingly. Some people describe a floating sensation and some see colors or  shapes during the session. Some people fall asleep. Some experience emotional  release. There is no expected experience- Reiki treatment is unique for each  individual who receives it.

The most common results of Reiki treatment include:

  • Perceived reduction in stress  

  • Increased relaxation  

  • Enhanced sense of balance, centeredness and calm.


What are the benefits of several sessions?

Just like meditation or exercise the effects of Reiki are cumulative. While one session  can work wonders, repeated, regular Reiki treatments can invite significant  improvement. As an example: if you exercise for an hour, you will receive benefit. If  you exercise every day for a month, the results will be much more profound. Reiki  works similarly – regular sessions support well-being in every way.

Can Reiki “cure” me?

Reiki is a complementary medical art that works well alone as well as in connection with other treatments. Healing is often the result of gentle shifts in awareness,  release of emotional patterns, achievement of new understanding, and daily  practice. Reiki is not a replacement for traditional medical treatment.

I understand that Reiki is a relaxation and stress reduction technique. I  acknowledge that treatments administered are only for the purpose of helping me  relax, relieve stress, and facilitate healing. Reiki practitioners do not diagnose conditions, nor do they prescribe substances or perform medical treatment, nor  interfere with the treatment of a licensed medical professional and are not licensed  by the state of Connecticut. I further understand that Reiki treatments received from Grey Rocks are not to be construed as a substitute for medical  examination, diagnosis or treatment. It is recommended that I see a licensed health care professional for any physical ailment, or psychological complication I may have.   Reiki may also release emotional energies, and we are not  licensed social workers or mental health counselors.  Reiki can be a helpful tool when used in tandem with counseling.

I also understand that Reiki is an energetic healing methodology, which involves the laying on of hands. I understand that I will be fully clothed during the session, and  experience a series of hand positions on and/or above my body.

Informed Consent

Having read, completed and understood the foregoing, I request to receive Reiki  treatment. I understand that my practitioner is providing Reiki treatment for me at  my request, and is not responsible for the outcome of the Reiki session.

I agree to hold Grey Rocks, llc harmless for any intended or unintended result. 

Thanks for submitting!

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