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Rooted Endurance

From 5k's and marathons to obstacle races and triathlons Sean and Colleen have trained and competed in a wide variety of endurance events across the United States. Colleen and Sean take a holistic approach to training and believe that anyone, regardless of age, ability or fitness level can become an athlete. Sean and Colleen are excited to work with current and future clients to build on their unique root system and strengthen their whole selves.  Join Colleen and Sean on a journey of life-changing fitness, nutrition, and lifestyle programs that are individualized to your goals and needs.   



Get Started Today

Plans can be focused on swimming, biking, running or triathlete training. Each plan comes with an initial assessment, custom strength, endurance, and stretching routines, basic nutritional advice and one on one coaching. Contact our trainers to get started today . Sign up for our email list below to stay up to date and visit our website for updated training offerings. 

  • In person or video physical assessment focusing on NASM technique and focus. 

  • Personalized stabilization and core training plans that can work in tandem with specific triathlon training developing and maintaining a strong foundation. 

$75 for a 60 minute personal training session

*free initial assessment and introductory session

  • Open Water swim training opportunities with Coach Sean several times per season. 

  • Swim analysis tested in an Elite Endless Pool using GoPro and software technology to identify and correct swim stroke technique.

  • Customized Training plans.

Swim analysis in endless pool

$100 for a 60 minute session

Solo swim in endless pool

$30 for a 30 minute session

$45 for a 60 minute session

  • Customized bicycling plans utilizing cycling applications.

  • Individual FTP assessment tested at our home base location.

Private indoor cycle training with instructor

$50 for a 60 minute session

  • In person gait analysis  or video conference.  Individualized training plans focusing on strength, endurance, and speed while minimizing the opportunity for injury.

  • Access to coach for questions and issues that arise during training.

  • Post race review of performance.

Gait analysis on treadmill

$40 for a 30 minute session

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